Lemons, lemons, lemons…

I am writing this blog to help share products, information, tips, and much more with other women like me across the world!

Inspired by lemons came about because I am pregnant with my first baby! I am terribly excited and for some reason I have been craving LEMONS! Just about anything lemon sounds delicious.. lemon pound cake, raspberry lemonade cupcakes, the smell of my kitchen lemon soap, etc.

I have always loved lemons for many reasons, but I feel that this little nugget in my belly has made them that much more special. This is made even more special because my great grandma has shared that she too craved lemons when she was pregnant with my grandpa. Now, she also said he came out all wrinkly, so I am hoping I will be able to avoid that little detail!

One thing I really enjoy is creating any type of organizational form that will help me to get my life together or at east make me feel like I do… So, I wanted to share one of my newer forms with you, which I have titled DAILY BRAIN DUMP, which allows you to prioritize all things you may have to or simply want to do throughout the day! Great, right?! I think so… So subscribe, read some more posts, get a free printable, etc.

Anyway, this is my life and life tips, I hope you enjoy!


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