October 9, 2018

Xander got his first tooth today!!! It is his bottom right one and it is so cute and SO sharp! As you can imagine, it is not easy to get a picture of it.


Besides that and we exercised for like 3 hours this morning! It felt great. We went on a walk with Marisa, Killian, and Trigger, then dropped them off at their house, the pups off at our house, walked to the community center, did some arms and hit the stair stepper, then walked home!


After that, I showered and we went to the commissary with Marisa and Killian, then picked up Landon from school and got dropped off at home.

When we got home we played on the floor and cooked stir fry. Once Danny got home, I fed Xander, he fell asleep, and Danny and I had a nice parents only dinner.


After dinner, we woke him up, got him wiped down, changed and into bed.


After we got him into bed, Danny played video games while I baked blondies, painted my nails, and did a brightening mask!

We just finished up the newest episode of The Good Doctor and it is off to bed for us!

Goodnight everyone!

My ten things I am grateful for today:

  1.  I got up and got outside
  2.  Xander got a tooth!
  3.  I followed through and killed myself on the stair stepper
  4.  Discovered Dave’s Killer Bread bagels are delish!
  5.  Had yummy fresh pineapple
  6.  Had a great dinner conversation with my hubby
  7.  Got my nails painted a real pretty color
  8.  Left the pups out of their kennel in the house and they did great
  9.  I had leftover Starbucks
  10. The blondies I made are so good

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