October 7, 2018

I have gotten a day behind in my blog posts, so I am going to do today, mostly, in pictures! The overall day was wake up to baby, all of us went back to sleep, wake up again, have brunch, hangout for a bit and clean up, put baby down for nap, Facebook makeup live, baby wakes up, make dinner, feed baby and eat dinner, bathe and put baby to bed, clean kitchen, cut Danny’s hair, catch up on social media and blogs while watching The Voice and New Amsterdam and now it is bedtime!


Full face with neutral shadows and soft pink lip!

Goodnight everyone!

Literally as I was hitting publish, while standing in the hot shower, I heard the door open and this is what I see…

Time to put this crazy, almost SIX MONTH OLD, back to sleep and then it’s bedtime for real!


PS these are my ten things for today:

1. That I got to take a hot shower

2. That I have these two handsome men keeping me in my toes

3. That Xander got not one, but TWO good naps in today

4. That he put himself to sleep not once, but TWICE tonight in his crib

5. That my dogs listen and know what to do when we tell them to go to their kennel

6. That the chicken ended up delicious

7. That we didn’t spend a bunch of money on food this weekend and ate at home

8. That I have such wonderful Younique women around me, always uplifting each other

9. That my husband likes the way I cut his hair

10. That my child made me laugh even late at night when he is supposed to be sleeping

Count your blessing and go to sleep grateful tonight.

Sweet dreams everyone 💕


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