October 5, 2018

Today was Friday and we had zero plans and Danny was off. Xander woke us both up just yelling, almost as if he was yelling “WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!” It is a lot of adorable and a little frustrating. I could’ve slept for another 10 hours, but baby is the boss and it was time to get up!

While Danny started up some video games, Xander and I got up, got in some comfy clothes, started a load of diapers, and had some scrambled eggs for breakfast!

After that Xander and I went and spent the morning and early afternoon at Marisa’s with her and Killian!


We hung out, drank iced coffee, and had some good conversation. It is super nice having a fellow boy mom just down the road!

Once it got a little into the afternoon, Xander and I walked home to make ourselves a little more presentable, Marisa and Killian picked us up, we got to pick up Landon from school with them and go to the commissary.

Landon was ecstatic to see “baby Xander” and that we were all going to hangout at go to the store. We got what they needed plus a cup of chopped pineapple and Landon did the self checkout for me. Once we got to the car, I changed the poopiest diaper ever and fed the baby while they ran back in to use the bathroom. We all then hit the road home and shared my cup of fresh pineapple that was DELICIOUS!

They dropped us off, Xander and I went inside and got dinner started! For dinner, I threw some chicken in the pressure cooker with some chicken broth and began chopping cabbage and shredding carrots for coleslaw. I made completely homemade coleslaw for dinner and OMG it was soooo good!!! I will try to remember to come back and add the recipe at the bottom… While the chicken was finishing, I fed the cranky boy, who had hardly napped all day and he fell asleep, so Danny and I had dinner just the two of us!


Once dinner was over, we woke up baby, got him in the bath, fed, and in his crib. Once we got him to bed, we watched episode one of SEAL Team because it’s finally back! Another reason to love fall, all my shows are back.

After that was over, you guessed it, BEDTIME!

Goodnight everyone!


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