Sometime at the end of September, until today… October 3, 2018

Oh my goodness, I feel like it has been forever since I was able to just sit and write about my day! I haven’t had my computer because Xander and I went on a road trip! We left NC, stayed a night with Anna in GA, got up and went to AL for a few days and saw all of my husband’s side of the family, headed up to TN for a night to see Aly and Jerred, and finally, one more night with Anna in GA before heading back home, to NC, this afternoon!

Since so many things happened I decided I am going to make a list of a bunch (I’m sure, not all) of highlights from the last week and a half and I will follow it with all the pictures!

  • Xander is officially a roller!!! Only from belly to back as far as I am aware of… He is making noises that sound and awful lot like “dada” and is making this noise where he makes almost a kissy face and blows out, spitting everywhere while making this adorable noise like when I blow raspberries on his pudgy belly!
  • Xander got to taste: banana, avocado, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, taco meat, broccoli, chicken, red potatoes, green beans, Zaxbys (shh…), and I think that is it… HE LOVED ALL OF IT!!!
  • Xander, Charlyn, and I got to travel to a little town called Springville in Alabama to watch David coach football and had a blast! The funniest part was that we had to get there early to pick up our tickets from David and while I was waiting by the ticket booth I asked the ladies working it “Is there a place to get coffee around here?” The reply I got, after a smirk and laugh, in the thickest of southern accents, was “MACdonalds? There’s not like a Starbucks, if that’s what you mean..” I was cracking up as I retold the encounter to my MIL! Was it THAT obvious that I wasn’t from around there! We drove the 21 miles to the nearest Starbucks anyway since we had some time. Ha!
  • Xander got to see his first parade! It was at Sardis High School (where his daddy graduated) for the homecoming parade! He loved it!
  • He got to see his first softball game in GA, Anna was coaching!
  • In TN my phone screen was shattered into a million pieces, que the tears! BUT we got a great walk in while visiting the cutest shops and ate at a place called Milk and Honey (?) and I got the most delicious turkey and avocado sandwich that also had tomatoes and bacon! OMG IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!
  • We went to church in AL where Xander had a HUGE BLOWOUT during worship, I took him to the bathroom, changed his diaper, changed his ENTIRE OUTFIT (from a cute pants and button up outfit to a romper…) When we got back into the service, Mr. decided he was starving so we spent the remainder of the service in the mother/nursing room watching the pastor on the tv. It was a nice service and I got to meet some family friends.
  • We got to eat at Danny’s cousin Dreema’s work and visit with her and their Aunt Monza, followed by some free ice cream! Xander may have been spoiled by his great aunt with a few bites… Dreema had Xander on her hip for part of our visit while she worked and of course he was flirting with all her coworkers and the other guests.
  • At my in laws house there is a wall where Daniel and David had their height marked over the years and Xander got his turn to be measured. It was so special to see his name and a line of his height on the wall alongside his uncle and daddy who are both over 6 foot now!
  • Before the trip we got to hit the outlet mall in NC to go shopping with beth which was super fun and we got some great deals and a yummy burger!
  • We visited Xander’s great aunt Cathy and Theresa and great uncle John and he was happy to get to hang out and tell them all our secrets! They both tried to get him to say “war eagle!”, but he knew better!
  • We went to a flea market over the weekend in AL and saw so many things! They had everything from pigs and puppies to toiletries to home goods and just so many things! We went with EJ, a family friend, and when we visited her and her husband a few days early Xander was cracking up at the little dog Maggie which is so like him because he LOVES puppies.
  • We visited all the ladies at my MILs work and to say that Xander liked her coworker Sherry is an understatement. He was smiling and giggling at every word she said! She and her family were at the parade I mentioned above and it was so fun to see him smiling and laughing at her and her family, her grandson specifically. Such sweet moments!

I am going to leave the highlights at that for now and come back to edit if I think of anything else! For now, enjoy the photos below and read on after because October 1st was the start of the #Last90Days !!! I am going to be adding my notes and list of 10 things I am grateful for into my daily blog posts, please add yours in the comments!


Today I count all the running around I did when I got home while holding an infant as my workout and killed the drinking water part!

The ten things I am grateful for today:

  1. I got to sit down and have a healthy dinner
  2. Xander and I made it home safely
  3. I got to take a hot shower that included an exfoliating mask and a Marula Oil hair mask
  4. A guy in a big truck let me back into traffic after I stopped for my matcha water
  5. I found the Undisclosed podcast
  6. I got to kiss my husband again
  7. This is Us is back! Got to watch the first two episodes!
  8. I took the time to file my nails and clip my cuticles
  9. I have clean sheets
  10. I got to eat a slice of zucchini bread my sweet gram sent us

And that was all she wrote!



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