September 20 & 21, 2018

Hello friends!

Just a heads up, there is a breastfeeding picture below, so proceed with caution! lol I wasn’t going to post it because I never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, but being able to feed Xander and create an amazing bond is something that has been very special to me and as I blog our days, it is especially important to me to be able to look back on all of these special moments.

September 20, 2018:

Today was a long day, but thankfully uneventful! Well, after we left the house it was…

My day actually started about 45 minutes after I went to sleep… Baby Xander decided to wake up real early in his big boy crib, so I grabbed him, brought him in bed with us to feed him. He then proceeded to wake up like every 30 minutes… Finally, around 6:30am I decided we should just go downstairs for a bit, so we did and had some tummy time! After that, I brought him upstairs, gave him a bath, got him in some comfy clothes for the day, fed him again and we fell asleep for a solid 2ish hours!


Baby Xander stayed asleep while I got up and talked with my momma while I curled my hair and got the diapers in the wash. He woke up, I got him fed and undressed because he had peed so much his diaper leaked. After that, I gave Danny the new outfit and diapers to put in the diaper bag and ran to do a quick Facebook live because there are so many sales!!!

Facebook lives are here: Original Makeup Application!   Evening Wear Update!

After all day, I feel like the creme foundation wore really well!

Anyway, after I got my makeup on, we all hopped in the car and headed to UNC for Xander’s appointment. I am going to try to summarize the appointment and procedure, but I was in full mom mode and it all went really fast.

When I got my anatomy scan at 20 weeks pregnant, they found out that Xander had a barely dilated kidney, which basically means it was slightly larger than it should have been. At 38 weeks pregnant, it was dilated. After he was born the doctors wanted to check at 1 month and since it was still dilated, another check was to be done at 3 months old. When he turned 3 months, we went it to have the ultrasound of his kidney done and it was still dilated/slightly worse, whatever that means… So they sent us to UNC to a Pediatric Urologist who reviewed all the ultrasounds and told us he wanted to do a “fleuro” (?) to make sure that he did not have any urine reflux. He told us that if he had the reflux, it isn’t necessarily a problem, but if he were to get a bladder infection and had reflux it could cause kidney issues, so that is what we were in to have done.

When we got all checked in and down to radiology, they called us all back to a small room with lots of equipment and a small board type thing with rings on each end so he could be rotated. Without going into crazy detail, my poor little man had to be strapped to the board and have a catheter inserted. Once the catheter was in, they filled up his bladder with contrast so they were able to watch it on the x-ray to be sure that it wasn’t refluxing back up to the kidney. Xander did so well! He mainly only got upset when they strapped his arms down during the contrast part, but we got to stay right next to him, so we were holding his hands and rubbing his head to help keep him calm and the nurse gave me an eye dropper looking thing with some sweet water in it, which I dropped on his tongue, distracting him with the taste and he seemed to enjoy that.


After the test, we headed upstairs to wait for the doctor. They weighed him at 20 lbs. and he was around 27 1/2″ long! He is getting so stinking big! The above pictures are in the room, waiting on the doctor and Xander man was standing like the big, strong boy he is and totally chewing on Danny’s hand. The doctor came in, told us everything looked great, thank you Lord! He wants to do one more ultrasound of his kidney in a couple weeks, just to check on it, and to make sure that his ureters are growing like they should and then, I think, we wait and pray it resolves itself, which they think it will.

After we left UNC, we fed Xander in the truck and headed to grab some Smashburger. Xander was exhausted and slept in the car, but woke up to say hi to the pretty ladies and taste some french fries!

Not the most flattering pictures, but he was loving the food!

We left Smashburger and drove home, Xander sleeping the whole way.

The rest of the evening went quickly and consisted of giving Xander a bath, putting him to bed in his big boy crib again and watching the AGT Finals, and neither Danny nor myself were amused with the results… We were both pretty exhausted at that point and my phone wouldn’t upload the pictures for this post, so we hit the hay!


September 21, 2018:

We woke up to Danny’s alarm, pleasantly surprised that Xander was still asleep in his own room! It is always kind of a panic moment when we wake up to an alarm and not to the baby, because we are like “wait, did we not wake up to him?!” or “omg, is he in the bed somewhere and I don’t remember grabbing him?!” Of course, he was fine and fast asleep. Danny left for work and I went back to sleep for about another hour and woke up to Xander over the baby monitor just talking to himself in his crib, so I scooped up the smiley boy and brought him into my room to change and feed him and we both slept a little longer.

After a little more sleep, Xander woke me up and we hung out upstairs and he put himself back to sleep on his mat.


While he took a short nap, I took a quick shower and exfoliated my face, which made it feel so soft!

He was awake by the time I got out of the shower and around that time my mom and dad Facetimed us for a bit before they had to run around and go about their daily routines! Once we hung up with them we went downstairs. I made myself eggs in a basket and got his new highchair seat attached to on of the chairs (sorry, I forgot to take a picture…) and while I ate and he chewed on some bell peppers, we Facetimed with my sister, gramma and papa in Italy! We did that for a while showing them how well Xander can sit now and how much he loves to stand up. It is so fun getting to share all of these special moments over Facetime from so many miles away.

After we were downstairs for a bit and him having been alternating from standing to sitting to tummy time and all of it all over again, I had a crabby baby that was ready for an afternoon nap! Xander, the puppers and I all went back upstairs, I fed Xander til he fell asleep on my bed and started to clean up all the clothes in my room.

He slept for what felt like a couple hours and I did not get near as much done during that time as I should have, but oh well… I did get a chance to give myself some brows and lashes so I didn’t look totally crazy the rest of the day!

I made sure to get all the clothes in the picture behind me since it is what I should have been focused on! Oops…


This is Macie in the spare room looking out over the street below. lol. I took this picture right before Danny pulled into the driveway and both the dogs spastically ran to the door to say hi and show him how much they missed him! Danny jumped in the shower and Xander woke up just after he headed downstairs to start some water for pasta.

I fed Xander, brought him downstairs and we ate some quick pasta because tomorrow is grocery day and we both were super hungry!

After dinner I took the baby upstairs, did some tummy time and worked with him on being gentle with his puppies, then stuffed diapers.

We went through his bedtime routine and he is soundly asleep in his crib.

I am typing this as the WSU vs. USC game comes to an end after pumping while my husband and puppies are asleep around me. Not so happy that the Cougs lost, but it was a great game!

Now it is way past my bedtime and I am going to attempt to wake up all these sleepy babes and go to bed!



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