September 19, 2018

Hello friends!

If you are reading this, you stuck around for day two of this online journal and another day in the life of me and my little family! Today seemed crazy, when in reality it really wasn’t, BUT I took lots of pictures.

Danny had to go back to work today, so it was just me and big man after he left. We slept in a little, then hung out in bed for a bit working on rolling over and sitting up, then Facetimed with “flat Granny” as my mom calls herself. After we hung up with her, Xander and I made our way downstairs, took the puppies outside, and he hung out in his jumper for just a few minutes while I quickly ate a bowl of Captain Crunch: Crunch Berries!

After some more Facetime, we started some homemade chili for dinner!

The link for the recipe is here: Chili

and some highlight pictures, including a baby that doesn’t like to be put down for long periods of time, are below!


Before we actually got to dinner, Danny got home, the baby and I headed back upstairs and I did a live makeup video, which you can watch here: Creme Foundation and Kudos Tutorial!

Here is the finished look:


All products available at

After the video, I got little man in a real outfit and the three of us headed to Walmart to exchange the booster seat/high chair that I got yesterday for a different one, because he barely fit in it and the straps to secure it to the chair were missing…

I love taking Xander with me, even for those quick errands because it is so fun to see him taking everything in and exploring this big world. When we get back, he had fallen asleep in the carseat, so we decided to transfer him to the couch and let him sleep while we ate because he had napped for a total of like 10 minutes all day and poor guy was wiped out! These are the before and after pictures of our trip… he was so tired!

After we devoured the DELICIOUS chili, we woke up little man, let him laugh at the dogs for a few minutes, then brought him upstairs for bed. Once he was upstairs he had a total exhaustion meltdown and we rushed to get him all wiped down and into pajamas. Once that was successful, I fed him and transferred him into his big boy crib. He has only slept in here a handful of times, but I think he is ready to start being in here more often. I guess we will find out and I will have an update tomorrow.


After this sweet boy was soundly asleep, I took a shower, cleaned the kitchen and Danny and I have been finishing our evening with the America’s Got Talent Finals (GO DUO TRANSCEND AND MICHAEL KETTERER!). After I sign off of here, we are finishing an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen and pumping, then bed! We have a big day tomorrow, but I will fill you in after Xander’s appointment in tomorrow’s post.

Highlights: Xander basically rolled from tummy to back twice today! Once with me upstairs and then once while Danny had him downstairs. He didn’t try any new food today, but I have some sliced peppers in the fridge for tomorrow.

Goodnight everyone!


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