September 18, 2018

I have decided that at the end of every day I am going to spend around 10 minutes writing about it. I may not have the best grammar or the most exciting news every single day, BUT I originally started this blog as a way to record memories. I want a digital scrapbook of all the moments I loved and cherished, but instead I have found myself being hung up on trying to find specific events that will be exciting for everyone to read. Today, that changes. Today, I am going to start to tell you about all the little things, like: what food baby Xander tried or what I had for dinner and I hope you all enjoy it!

Today is Tuesday and hurricane Florence slammed the east coast the past few days, so there was not a whole lot going on in the Hinton household. Danny didn’t have to work again due to the outrageous flooding nearby and Xander never got out of his PJs. Days like these, I think, are hard to truly cherish until after they happen. It is not often that my husband, son, and I all get to sit at home with zero responsibilities on a weekday and I feel like we fail to take advantage of it, but overall it was a great day!

Danny let me sleep in a little by taking the baby downstairs when he woke up and I got a solid hour and a half of uninterrupted, free boob sleep before I finally peeled myself out of bed and joined them downstairs. By that time, the baby was hungry and ready for a nap, so I fed him and cuddled him on the couch while he slept. Lately, that is really my happy place. There is something about knowing that I can feed him and help comfort him and that he trusts me and relies on me so much that he will nap right next to me. He often wakes up and looks up at me, almost as if he is making sure I am still there, then closes those beautiful blue eyes and drifts back into dreamland.


After he woke up, we met a woman to sell all the newborn diapers I had purchased before I knew I was carrying a baby giant… Can you believe that he only ever wore 1 new born diaper?! ONE! And that 1 diaper, was the first he ever wore in the hospital. After that, a nurse saw him busting out of it and said “let me get you a pack of size 1 diapers…” After we found her, we drove to Sanford to pickup Starbucks to drink tomorrow morning. Thanks to the hurricane, they had no diary products and the drive through was closed. Thankfully, my current obsession drink is an iced white chocolate americano with cream, to which I can add the cream at home. So I drug my sleeping baby and my naked faced self into Starbucks and ordered our drinks. After that, we hit up Chick Fil A (not even sorry about it) and grabbed lunch. On our way out, there was a homeless woman with her dog and there was something telling me to help out, so I pulled over, gave her $5 and one of my cups full of ice to pour her water over and headed home.

On our way home, there was a turtle in the road, which made it across safely. Once we got home we all sat down and dug in. We have started to give Xander pieces of our food to taste and explore for himself, so while I was eating, every time the food passed him and I put it in my mouth, he would literally scream. It was too funny! So we decided to let him try his first french fry. No surprise, the french fry went straight into his mouth and he seemed to love it. Yesterday, we let him try some sausage during breakfast and some kielbasa with dinner, which he LOVED! We are doing baby led weaning with him, so seeing him enjoy real food is something that is fun for both Danny and myself, as well as fun for the baby because he is getting to try the same food that he is seeing us eat and not some yucky slime.

After lunch, I took a shower and laid down with Xander while he took a nap. Next, I put some chicken in the pressure cooker for dinner and ran to the store to get the fixings for chili tomorrow and coleslaw for tonight. We also picked up fix a flat and a high chair for Xander, which we will be returning since it is missing the straps to secure it to the chair… When we got home Xander looked completely exhausted, so while I finished up dinner, Danny handled bath time. I finished dinner, fed Xander and headed down to eat. I had dinner, then cleaned the kitchen and pumped while watching Cutthroat Kitchen. I read a little of my “Boundaries in Marriage” book and now here I sit. After this, I am going to try to pump one last time then brush my teeth and crash into bed with my handsome husband before he has to go back to work tomorrow.

Goodnight everyone!


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