The Nesting is Real

Hello everyone! I woke up on my own this morning, got up, and haD been cleaning for two hours, when it hits me, this has to be “nesting.” So, I decided I would share with all of you some of my favorite cleaning tips and products.

My favorites/tips:

  1.  MAGIC Erasers ( I know these aren’t anything new and exciting, but let me tell you, I was skeptical about them at first. Now that I have a house of my own to clean, I am OBSESSED. These are on this list because the first thing that I cleaned up this morning was my kitchen. We had some delicious BBQ at a friends last night and had quite a few prep dishes to clean, but I decided to wait ’til today. Once I did all of the dishes and stuff, I had the urge to clean, and I mean really clean, my stovetop, which is white. I scrubbed it with a magic eraser and the before/after is the featured picture. It looked amazing!
  2. Vacuum ( You guys, I am SO bad about lugging out my vacuum and actually using it, but this vacuum is so light, easy to maneuver, and easy to empty, I am trying to vacuum more often! It pulls up dog hair and kitty litter and all kinds of things. The only thing I don’t love it for is my laminate flooring, but for that I just sweep and vacuum up the pile (this one comes with a hardwood attachment that I hear is amazing!! I got mine without). I know it is one of the simplest ways to clean, but honestly vacuuming is so important to get rid off all kinds of dust and dander.
  3. Dog Undercoat Rake ( MY FAVORITE TIP!!! As you all know, I have two dogs and one is a very fluffy Husky, and when she sheds, it’s painful to keep the carpet vacuumed. My vacuum is amazing, but using an undercoat rake, not only on my dog, but also on my carpet helps to alleviate the need to vacuum as much. Literally all you do is rake your carpet with the undercoat rake and it pulls out ALL of the dog hair. Follow that with a good vacuum and BOOM! your life is changed!
  4. Scrubbing Bubbles ( Okay, so I am convinced that this should be in every cleaning toolbox! Since we first got the puppies, I started using it for everything. It says that it is for the bathroom but i use it to clean just about all surfaces in my house, including spills on the carpet. simply spray it on and let it sit, then soak it up and let dry.
  5. Simple Baking Soda ( This I learned from my Great Grandma and it is a short and simple trick, but baking soda works on so many things, including spills, because it just pulls all the liquid to the surface and then you can vacuum up the pile! Just be sure to soak up most of the liquid with a paper towel or rag before you sprinkle with baking soda. It is a great product because it also deodorizes and who doesn’t need that?

I am going to try to get myself on a cleaning schedule, with a sheet that will have daily, weekly, and monthly tasks on it, so when I am finished with that, I will post it on here for you all to check out!

Comment your favorite cleaning items and tips below!


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