The Dreaded Diaper Bag Setup…

Okay mamas, let’s talk about packing the diaper bag.. I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and have been adding slowly to my little munchkins diaper bag, but I think (other than a pair of leggings I am waiting to get in the mail) that I finally have everything we will need for when he makes his entrance, and probably a few thing I don’t need…

One thing I will quickly say is that I think I jumped the gun on buying the actual diaper bag I bought. I was only about 16 weeks along when I was shopping with another pregnant friend at Burlington and found a beautiful Steve Madden (uhm, hello, my fave designer..) diaper bag for just $49.99!! How could I pass that up? It was such a good price and is black with gold accents… yum! It is convertible, either a backpack style or an over the shoulder, but now that I have things in it, it doesn’t work well as a backpack and is maybe a tad more fashionable than functional. Basically, I would make sure to truly research what kind of diaper bag you want, rather than jumping on a beautiful bag at a low price, BUT it is still really pretty, so let’s make it work anyway!

So, lets peek inside! I will update you all as I continue on this journey so you know if there is anything else you should bring when you finally get to meet your little muffin! Also, any mamas who have been through this, PLEASE comment below any input you have on the subject.

Clothing/Burp Rags/Swaddles…


     Okay, so to explain a few things: I love all things black and white if you can’t tell.. I think it is just so crisp and clean looking! Also, my husband and I both choose BATMAN as our favorite superhero and my husband is a die hard Alabama fan. ROLL TIDE! (Don’t hold that against me..) Below is a list of what I have with links to make it easier on you in case you want to purchase any of it from the comfy seat you are reading from!

  1. Batman Swaddle and hat –…/batman-swaddle-blanket-w-matching
  2. Midnight Copper Pearl Swaddle (not pictured) –Large Premium Knit Baby Swaddle Receiving Blanket “Midnight” by Copper Pearl
  3. Black/White Striped Copper Pearl Beanie – Beanie
  4. Black Beanie – Black Beanie
  5. Grey/White striped Burt’s Bees Baby burp rag – Burt’s Bees Burp Rag
  6. Black Long Sleeve Baby Gown – Baby Gown
  7. Black/White Alabama Onesie – Alabama Onesie
  8. Black/White Striped Leggings (Not pictured) – Black and White Striped Leggings
  9. White Infant Socks – Terry Cloth Socks / Cotton Socks
  10. Black and white assorted mittens – Mittens
  11. Carter’s Grey French Terry Coverall – Baby Outfit
  12. Copper Pearl Burp Rags – Trees Bundle / Dinosaur Bundle

If you couldn’t tell from that list, I seem to have found a favorite baby shop… The shop is called Copper Pearl and they have super cute and modern baby essentials that are adorable whether they are for a boy or a girl! I have purchased quite a few swaddles, hats, and burp rags and I can’t wait until I get to use them! You should definitely check them out. Also, I tend to search through Etsy and Amazon for just about anything else baby related.

Diapers/Wipes/Other Essentials


I wanted to break these into two parts, so this is the not so adorable, but maybe more necessary half of the diaper bag packing… Now, a few of these things I put in here for later, not just for when the baby is first born, but at some point I might need it!

  1. Assorted NB Honest Co. Diapers – Diapers: Giraffe 160 count
  2. Honest Co. Wipes – Travel Pack Wipes
  3. Clorox to go Wipes – Clorox Wipes
  4. Aquaphor Baby – 3 Pack Aquaphor
  5. Hand Sanitizer – Purell 1oz. Bottle 3pk
  6. Gold Bond Healing Hand Lotion – Gold Bond 1oz. 4pk
  7. Folding Travel Toothbrush – Toothbrush 2pk
  8. Crest 3D Travel Toothpaste – Toothpaste 4pk
  9. Snot Sucker/Aspirator – Green Bulb Syringe
  10. Phillips Avent Soothie Pacifier – Pacifier 0-3 Month
  11. Emory Board – Emory Board
  12. Baby Nail Clippers – Baby Nail Clipper Set
  13. Hairties – Elastic 27ct.
  14. Unscented Boogie Wipes – Boogie Wipes 2pk
  15. Small Travel First Aid Kit – 66 Piece First Aid Kit

So, there you have it! That is what I have all packed up in a diaper bag for when we finally get to meet our little nugget! Obviously, you can get a lot of these items from the store, I just have found a new love for Amazon and things being shipped to my house in 2 days! I mean, does it get any better than that? Plus, whenever I get a package I feel like it is a present from past me to future me, and who doesn’t love presents?

I hope this helps some of you other mamas and mamas to be out there. I will be sure to update you all on the changes in my diaper bag as baby and I make our way through all the different stages. Be sure to comment below anything you think I may have missed, what you think about my list, and/or any comments/suggestions!

Thanks for reading & have a great day!


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